Ministry Leaders
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Minister Connie Taylor

Associate Minister

Dean of Christian Leadership Schools

Coordinator of Care & Share Ministry

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Deaconess Ethel Johnson

President Deaconess Ministry

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Deaconess Sheila Owens

Vice President Deaconess Ministry

Financial Secretary


Phase 4:12 Young Adult Ministry


Deacon Alan Fleming

Chairman of Diaconate


Deacon Stephen Owens

Vice Chairman of Diaconate

Director of Evangelism


Sis. Sharon Williams

Church Clerk

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Deacon Charles Hilton

Chairman of Trustee Ministry

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Sis. Lavonna Mays

President of Women's Ministry

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Mother C. Jeanette Bruce

President of Mother's Ministry

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Bro. Quincy Carter

Chairman of Security

T. 123-456-7890


Bro. Oscar Lane

Audio-Visual Ministry

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Sis Zinanta Brown

Financial Clerk

President of Nurses Ministry

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Sis. Barbara Hilton

President of Usher's Ministry

President of C.O.L.L.A.R.S. Ministry

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Deaconess Vache Fleming

Director of Christian Education

Dean of Christian Leadership Schools


Sis. Michelle Charles - Griggs

Superintendent Sunday School Ministry


Bro. Martin Royal

Board of Trustees

Director of Building and Grounds

Audio-Visual Ministry

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Deaconess Stephanie Hilton-Lewis

Director of G.A.N.G.

(God's Anointed Next Generation)

Youth Ministry

Assistant Director/Advisor, Phase 4:12 

Director of Outreach Ministry

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Sis. Chelsea Owens

President of Phase 4:12 Young Adult Ministry

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Sis. Christian Funches

Vice President of Phase 4:12 Young Adult Ministry